Readymade Ghee diya batti
for puja

Ghee wicks can be used for daily pooja worship at home. Lighthing up the ghee diya batti increasing the spirituality and purity in your home and spread positivity.

ghee diya batti

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SimplyJyot - pack of 50 (67 )

A wonderful box containing 50 fresh pure ghee wicks

SimplyJyot - pack of 75 (87 )

A wonderful box containing a 75 fresh pure ghee batti

Ghee cube Jyot - pack of 30 (97 )

A wonderful box containing a 30 fresh pure ghee diya batti

Why SimplyJyot?

ghee wicks
ghee cotton wicks

Handmade and Chemical free

These ghee diya batti are handmade and chemical free. Also, it contains pure Cow Ghee with essential oil naturally derived.

ghee wicks online

No Wax

Totally wax free. These ghee wicks are a replacement for your handmade Ghee diya batti, so there won't be any strong smells when you burn it.

ghee batti online

Pure Ghee

These ghee diya batti are perfect for Daily puja, mess free, serves the purpose and reduce danger to the home.

ghee diya batti

Hassle free use

Ghee jyot batti is perfect for Puja, Prayer and Lighting lamp. Our Ghee pooja batti is made from 100% pure cotton. These easy to use ghee diya batti can be used anytime.

ghee batti in vapi

Eco-friendly product packaging

No single-use plastics in our products or packaging.


Ghee cube Jyot is made from pure cotton and ghee. No need to put any extra ghee. Just light the ghee batti and you are all set to go.

SimplyJyot can be used anytime and anywhere. It's made from pure cotton and ghee. You just need to put 1 tablespoon of extra ghee from top of the ghee batti and is ready to light diyas.

Burning time of Ghee cube Jyot is approx. 15 to 20 minutes and SimplyJyot is approx. 8 to 12 minutes (Depend upon how much extra ghee you put in SimplyJyot).

Both Ghee cube Jyot and SimplyJyot are made of pure cotton and ghee. Hence, no wax is added while preparing this. Ghee cube Jyot already contain some portion of ghee so no extra ghee is need to light it while SimplyJyot needs some extra ghee before lighting.

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